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Bhansa Ghar is an authentic Nepali restaurant founded by Mr Jiwan Timalsina. The name of the restaurant stems from Nepali language which translates to ‘Dining room’. We here at Bhansa Ghar feel that the name of the restaurant should be just as authentic as the food served so our guests feel the true Nepali atmosphere. Bhansa Ghar is proud to offer a variety of traditional Nepali cuisine and a true Nepali hospitality which focuses on respect and wellbeing of our guests. There is a saying in folk Nepali; 'Pauna bhagwaan ko roop hunchan'. This means ‘guests are the face of gods’ so guests are always treated with the highest level of respect.
We pride ourselves on our heritage and look to instill this in our food and service to make sure our guests feel the true essence of Nepal.


Mr Timalsina came to Ireland 20 years ago when the first Nepali restaurant opened in Dublin. He was a restaurant manager in a five star hotel in Nepal and was highly sought after.
He has seen the boom of Nepali restaurants in Ireland and has advised and worked in countless ones to help them become a success. Bhansa Ghar is his vision of a true and authentic Nepali restaurant and with his leadership and vast knowledge of fine dining; our guests are in THE perfect hands for a true Nepali experience.

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